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About The DMBS

The Dr. Marquita Blades Show is a platform for educators, community leaders, youth advocates, parents, and students to discuss the current trends and issues in the field of education.


The State of Education in Georgia featuring Otha Thornton

Get to know Otha Thornton in this episode of The Dr. Marquita Blades Show. Mr. Thornton discusses his extensive background, the current state of and his plans for education in Georgia! 

The Year in Review

Educators Cornelius George and Ramon Reeves sum up the 2017-2018 school year!

The Whole Truth

Pioneer Author Vicki Kirk-May and co-authors Dr. Marquita S. Blades, Andrea Cockrell Gibbs, & Dalila Spratt tell The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me Teachers! Hear straight the source, about some of the ills of our education system and the daily toll they take on teachers.

Mind Over Matter - How Student Mindsets Impact Achievement

Dr. Adrienne Pinkney, Sulonda Smith, and Owen Griffith are on the panel to discuss how student mindsets impact academic achievement.

What About the Gifted?

Dr. Erica Donerlson and Dr. Gretchen Jones Torbert, both veteran educators of gifted students dispell the myths and deliver the facts about teaching gifted students.