About The Mediocre Teacher Project


The Mediocre Teacher Project is a coaching program for teachers who are dealing with burnout or considering leaving the classroom. We work directly with teachers to help them re-ignite their passion to remain in the classroom or to develop their own educational consulting practices should they decide to leave the classroom. Additionally, I coach new educational consultants to develop engaging and effective presentations based on their individual teaching styles. 


Get Clarity About Your Teaching Career

Coaching in The Mediocre Teacher Project can help you make the decision that you've been grappling with. Should I stay or should I go?

Administrators - Have you noticed a change in your most enthusiastic teachers? Maybe they need some coaching to get their mo-jo back!


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The Mediocre Teacher Project Anthology

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Many teachers reach a point in their careers where they are not as effective, excited, and enthusiastic as they once were. Many get to a point where they even dread going to work each day. I call this the "Mediocrity Trap", where talented, charismatic teachers are functioning in survival mode, doing just enough to make it through each day.

Eight educators share their stories of how it felt to be in the "Mediocrity Trap", how they got there, and what they did to change their circumstances so that they could love and enjoy teaching again. 

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