About Dr. Blades

My Specialty


I save schools and educational programs time and money by teaching them to maximize resources currently on-hand to increase student engagement through rigorous & meaningful learning experiences.

My Experience


I have 16 years experience as a high school science teacher and 10 years experience managing national STEM programs. I've written curriculum and assessments for several large school districts in the metropolitan Atlanta area and I've worked with some of the largest professional development organizations in the country.

About Me


When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy traveling with my husband, reading novels, and cooking. 

What Clients Say About Dr. Blades

PD Workshop Participant

"Awesome workshop! I'm ready to plan my fall units with cross-cutting concepts as well as stations. Thank you for keeping me engaged and being an awesome presenter!"

-Elementary School STEM Teacher

PD Workshop Participant

"I have attended several workshops NGSS workshops but I've never left one feeling I had learned much until today! This was delivered on our level and in a way we could take directly into the classroom!"

-High School Science Teacher

PD Workshop Participant

"This has been  one of the most informative seminars I've come to. I feel as though each method and strategy are easy to understand; will be easy to recreate, and use for ALL my classes and content areas."

-High School Science Teacher

Presenter Coaching Client

Hi Doc, Thank you again for taking the time to "meet" with me this evening. I am not a person who has always embraced "homework" it conjures some level of anxiety that I had throughout high school because pressure to do better that well always came from 2 scary places, my teachers and my parents. But when talking to you, I can't help but think, in great anticipation, "what homework does she have in mind this time?" I honestly get excited about our next meeting before the current one is over. When you hear me say (or post on FB) that "I am blessed beyond measure", you are among those counted blessings. 

Thank you, 

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